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Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits Promotional Collectibles for sale are listed in alphabetical order. There is NO ALCOHOL for sale on this page. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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AVON HUNTER'S BEER STEIN: Issued in 1972, Like New condition, contained Deep Woods After Shave, empty metal lidded glass beer stein with silver paint over clear glass, 7.25 inches tall with a 3.25 inch diameter, stein bottom has raised "AVON" and a circled "7" hallmarks. See stein  $8



BACARDI & COKE COASTERS: New/Unused, 1998, Lot of 2, color, cardboard, 4 x 3.25 inch oval, "100 Years Of Bacardi & Coke The World's Greatest Cocktail" ad campaign, reverse side of the coaster has the same image with the addition of the copyright text around the outer edge. See sample coaster  Both for $1

BARRIO BREWING CO. PROMO LOT: New/Unused, 2016, includes a blue foam Barrio bottle/can koozie, Barrio "B" logo on one side with full logo and contact information on the other, plus 3 different 2.5 inch diameter stickers for Barrio Blonde, Citrazona IPA and the company "B" logo. Barrio beers are produced in Tucson, Arizona. See lot  All for $6

BUD LIGHT BEER PIN: Metal beer cap pin, circa-1998, “Guaranteed Fresh” promo, NM/Like New, 1.25 inches round. This has a blinking red light in the center but the current battery is dead. You’ll need to replace it. The pin back is a little pc board. See pin  $3.50

BUD LIGHT LOGO MAGNET: Lot of 4 circular magnets manufactured by Bottoms Up Beer, 2010, approximately 1.75 inches in diameter, blue background with the Bud Light logo, some minor surface wear from the manufacturing process. These magnets are now being used to seal the new bottom fill beer cups at ballparks across the U.S. See sample magnet  All 4 for $3

BUDWEISER COASTERS: New/Unused, Lot of 3, color, double thick cardboard, 4.25 inches square, "Budweiser True Music" with the stylized crowned "B" logo on both sides of the coaster. See sample coaster  All 3 for $1.50

BUDWEISER LOGO MAGNET: Lot of 7 circular magnets manufactured by Bottoms Up Beer, 2010, approximately 1.75 inches in diameter, red background with the Budweiser logo, some minor surface wear from the manufacturing process. These magnets are now being used to seal the new bottom fill beer cups at ballparks across the U.S. See sample magnet  All 7 for $5

BUDWEISER/MOTORCRAFT SUPERTEAM FORD RACE CAR PHOTO CARDS: Set of 6 different color, 8.5 x 11 inch, Stock, Drag and Funny car photos on heavy card stock, NM-, 1986 limited printing promo items from Ford and Budweiser. Features Kenny Bernstein in a Ford Tempo Funny Car, Glen Tinsley in a Ford Mustang Super Stock, Frank Iaconio in a Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock, Jim Van Cleve Jr. in a Ford Mustang Competition Eliminator, Larry Cummings in a Ford Thunderbird Super Gas Dragster, and Ricky Rudd in a Winston Cup Series Ford Thunderbird. The back of each photo card has a B&W candid photo of the driver working on his car plus some text about him. Great, rare, over 30-year-old set for racing enthusiasts and Bud fans. See set  Set of 6 for $30



CLOS DU BOIS WINE LABEL PRINTS: Set of three Clos Du Bois, Sonoma County wine label prints on heavy stock, single color with gold ink, matte finish, 18 x 24 inches, issued in 1979, O/P. These prints reproduce the 1978 vintage labels for Clos du Bois' Merlot (blue), Cabernet Sauvignon (brown) and Pinot Noir (dark rose). The gold ink used on the grape leaf design in the image has left a quarter inch smudge in the lower right corner on the Pinot Noir and two half inch smudges in the same area on the Cabernet. Otherwise, the prints are NM condition. Obtained at the winery, this long unavailable collectible set is perfect for wine enthusiasts. Stored flat, will ship rolled. See all three prints  For the set $35

COORS BEER TAP HANDLE: An actual acrylic Coors Beer bar tap handle, used circa-1978, some minor nicks that don't detract from the overall appearance, 6 inches long x 1.5 inches wide, white "Coors" letters on a red background at top and the Adolph Coors lion crest at the bottom, metal screw hole set into the acrylic at the bottom for attaching to a keg tap. See tap handle  $12

COORS BEER GLASS: Huge Coors beer glass, just under 7 inches tall and 32 ounces in capacity, 3.75 inches in diameter at the top, Manufactured in the 1970s, NM/Like New, no chips in the glass or flaws in the Coors image transfer. Glass shows the old Coors Banquet Beer logo ("Brewed With Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water") image from the 1960s-70s. Long out of production. Sharp item for beer or Coors collectors. (2 available) See sample glass  $10

COORS COLLECTORS' CARDS: Complete set of 100, Average NM/M, plus a pack wrapper and a NM unpunched empty wax box from 1995. Beautifully produced beer collectibles featuring gorgeous promotional artwork and Coors labels dating back to the late 1800s, also vintage Coors bottles, mugs, taps, signs and other collectibles. Coors Field is here for Colorado Rockies fans. Racing enthusiasts will want the Coors Indy, Stock and Road Race Car/Truck cards. Even if you hate the beer, you'll love the production on these cards! See box  $18

COORS COLLECTORS' INSERT CHASE CARDS: Lot of 5 Scarce Premium Insert Chase Cards from 1995, all NM-M, includes Bright Lights #s 4, 5, 10, 12 and Golden Moments #8, plus a card wrapper. Baseball and Colorado Rockies fans, BL #12 is the Coors Field sign! See all 5 cards  All 5 for $15

CORONA BEER BOTTLE ZARAPES WITH OPENERS: Cute cloth beer bottle coozy made to look like a Mexican zarape, 2010, New - Still sealed in the bag, approximately 3.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches long, gold color with white fringe at the bottom, two styles: Corona Extra with Corona Light and Corona Light with Cinco. Also included are metal Corona Extra (blue) and Corona Light (gold) bottle opener key chains, roughly 3 inches long, still sealed. You get one of each Corona promotional items described, both styles of bottle zarapes and both openers, 4 total items in the lot. (2 lots available) See both zarapes and openers  All 4 for $10



DESERT STORM FROSTED GLASS BEER MUG: USAF collectible beer mug, issued 1991, out of production, NM/Like new, no chips or cracks, no flaws in the images, 6 inches tall, Heavy - weighs over a pound and a half! Frosted glass with gold screened images of four air force jets and a helicopter. Top banner reads: Operation Desert Storm Commenced January 16, 1991. Bottom banner reads: Kuwait Liberated February 27th, 1991. See mug  $20



FALSTAFF BEER COASTERS: New/Unused, early-1970s vintage, Lot of 2, color, cardboard, approximately 3.5 inches square, "The Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art" tag line at the bottom with the Falstaff Beer crest logo filling most of the coaster, reverse side has the crest in gold with "Falstaff Brewing Corp St. Louis, MO" tag at the bottom. See sample coaster front and back  Both for $4

FOSTER’S LAGER FLICKER PIN: “Get A Kick Out Of Life” flicker pin with a kicking kangaroo on it, circa-1987 promo from the Australian beer maker, NM/Like New, 3.25 inches round. See flicker pin  $6

FOUR PEAKS WHITE ALE COASTERS: New/Unused, 2014, Lot of 4, color cardboard coasters promoting Four Peaks Belgian style Witbier called White Ale, 4 inches in diameter, the back shows the Arizona state flag with "Your beer." and the Four Peaks Brewing Company logo. See sample coasters front and back  All 4 for $2



GORDON BIERSCH BREWING COMPANY COASTER: New/Unused, B&W, cardboard, 4.5 x 3.5 inch oval, "Beer Like It Ought To Be" and the Website address around the logo, on the reverse side of the coaster is the color logo for the Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar in Honolulu, Hawaii. See coaster front and back  $1

GUINNESS STOUT BUTTON: Dated 1990, like new/NM, size 2.25 inches round, Guinness promo button. Black background with "Guinness Stout Deep. Dark. Secret." in cream colored letters below the red harp logo. See button  $5



HAMM'S BEER BEAR PIN: Obtained in 1985, MOC - Still on the original white rack backing, raised enamel pin of a full figure B&W Hamm's Bear standing on the Hamm's Beer logo in red, white and gold, roughly 1 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide, clutch pin back, gold colored metal trim. See pin  $10

HARD ROCK CAFE SHOT GLASS: Like New/NM, As Issued/Unused, no chips, no cracks, 4 inches tall, 1.5 inches in diameter, clear shot glass bearing the Hard Rock Cafe logo with the city name below it. Each was obtained in the 1990s at Hard Rocks in the city listed. Expand your collections with new cities and countries!
JAKARTA  See shot glass  $14
  See shot glass  $9
(comes with original box) See shot glass  $12

HEINEKEN BEER STICK-ON CAP: Green plastic stick-on cap, circa-1987 promo, NM/Like New, 2.5 inches round, looks like a large Heineken Beer bottle cap, double-sided stick-on foam on back is unused. See cap  $5



JOSE CUERVO COASTER: New/Unused, color, cardboard, round, 3.5 inches in diameter, "Join The Jose Cuervo Wild Like Society" ad campaign image and text on both sides of the coaster. See coaster  50¢



KILLIAN'S IRISH RED ALE COASTERS: New/Unused, Lot of 2, color, cardboard, 4.25 x 3.5 inch oval, "George Killian's Irish Red Brand" logo with "In The Tradition Of George Killian Lett Enniscorthy, Ireland Master Brewers Since 1864" tag, Brewed in the USA, reverse side of the coaster is blank. See sample coaster  Both for $1

KONA BREWING CO. COASTER: New/Unused, color, cardboard, approximately 4.5 x 3.25 inch oval, "Hand Crafted Ales, Kona, Hawaii" tag line around the Kona Brewing logo, on the reverse side of the coaster is a map of the Hawaiian Islands with the "Since 1994" text about Kona Brewing Co. See coaster front and back  $1



LITE BEER (MILLER) COASTER: New/Unused, 1975 vintage, color, cardboard, approximately 3.5 inches square, Original tag line "Everything you always wanted in a beer. And less." at the bottom with the "Lite A Fine Pilsner Beer" logo above it, reverse side has the identical front image only all in blue. See coaster front and back  $5

MILLER LITE COASTERS: New/Unused, 2015, Lot of 2, color cardboard coasters, 4 inches square, front shows the new logo and the back has Miller Lite beer text with copyright and logo. See coasters front and back  Both for $1



MARILYN MONROE 2006 AND 2007 WINE BOTTLES: Norma Jeane - A Young Merlot, Empty 2006 and 2007 Merlot bottles, from Nova Wines (makers of Marilyn Merlot), photos of Marilyn in a bathing suit on the front labels are by Laszlo Willinger, bottles are in like new condition, no rips or mars on either front or back labels, bottle neck foil is still present with a relatively even trim. These are the Ninth and Tenth Vintages of this limited edition wine that Monroe fans enjoy as unique collectibles. See bottles  Both for $9

MIRASSOU WINE COASTERS: New/Unused, 1982, Lot of 3, color, cardboard, rectangular, 3 5/8 x 4 1/4 inches, "Mirassou Fine Wine By The Glass" tag near the top with a color painting of a glass of wine on a hillside, reverse side has text describing Fume Blanc Harvest Reserve with areas for pricing the wine by the glass or bottle. Printed in Belgium. See sample coaster front and back  All 3 for $3

MOOSEHEAD BEER COASTERS: New/Unused, 1980s vintage, Lot of 6, color, cardboard, 3.5 x 4 inch oval, reproduces the old "Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer" logo bottle label with the brewed and bottled by locations surrounding the outer edges and 12 fl. oz, same image on both sides of the coaster. Most backs have lightly printed areas. See sample coaster  All 6 for $5



NEW BELGIUM BREWING/FAT TIRE STICKER: Lot of 2 beer promotional stickers showing the New Belgium/Fat Tire logo, 2011, sticker NM with the top edge of the backing slightly wrinkled, red/orange/white colors, 3.75 inches in diameter on a roughly 4 x 4 inch backing. See sticker  Both for $2

NEW BELGIUM BREWING/FAT TIRE AMBER ALE BOTTLE OPENERS: Lot of 3 promotional metal beer bottle openers, 2011, New/As issued condition, 2.5 inches long, silver color, shaped like a New Belgium beer glass, "Fat Tire Amber Ale" with bicycle logo stamped into the front, "New Belgium, Fort Collins, Colorado USA" stamped into the back. Fun cheapy promo for beer collectors, also a nice pocket bottle opener. See sample bottle opener  All 3 for $6



OLD TUCSON GLASS BEER MUG: Old Tucson Studios collectible beer mug, issued Late-1970s, NM/Like new, no chips or cracks, no flaws in the images, 6 inches tall, Heavy - weighs almost a pound and a half! Black and gold screened images of cowboys in a gunfight with a movie camera and sound boom in the foreground. "Old Tucson" filmstrip logo at top and "Famous Movie Location" at bottom of mug. Long out of production. See mug  $15

OLYMPIA BEER PIN: Obtained in 1985, MOC - Still on the original white rack backing, raised enamel pin of the horseshoe Olympia Beer logo in gold, green, white, and black, roughly 1 x 1 inches, clutch pin back, gold colored metal trim. "Taiwan" hallmark stamped on the back. See pin  $10



PLAYBOY CLUB BEER MUG: Black frosted glass, 6.5 inch tall beer mug, with two gold Leroy Neiman key club girl drawings, surrounded by a ring of gold "The Playboy Club." "The Playboy Club" is embossed in the mug's glass bottom (reissues do not have this!). Obtained in the late-1960s at the New York Playboy Club. No chips, very minor surface scuffs. Rare, beautiful, classic Playboy Club collectible from 40+ years ago. See mug  $80



ROSWELL ALIEN AMBER ALE: 2006, six pack carton and empty bottles, as issued/excellent condition, no bottle caps, brewed by Sierra Blanca Brewing Company in New Mexico. This is the original six pack and label design that is no longer being produced. In fact, "Roswell" has been removed from the beer's name now! An alien head with flying saucers dominate the very clever packaging job done on the bottle label and the six pack carton. "You are holding the beer Uncle Sam has been trying to keep under wraps for 50 years." on both short side panels. If you are a beer bottle collector or a UFO fanatic, then this is for you! (2 available) See sample 6 pack and label  $14

Also available: Lot of 2 Roswell Alien Amber Ale Cartons, second release of the initial six pack design with the Sierra Blanca Brewing Company story on one short side panel, excellent condition, flattened. This design is also no longer being produced. Long panel looks just like the above design.  Both for $9



SAMUEL ADAMS BOSTON LAGER KEYCHAIN/BOTTLE OPENER AND COASTERS: New/Unused, 2009, sturdy metal bottle opener/keychain, 4 inches long x 1.25 inches wide, stamped "Samuel Adams Boston Lager - Take Pride In Your Beer" on both sides, nice pocket bottle opener; plus a pair of color cardboard coasters, rectangular, 3.5 x 5 inches, "Samuel Adams Boston Lager" logo at top with the signature glass and bottle at bottom and promo text, the reverse side of the coaster shows the "turbulator" beer glass and describes its function. See keychain and sample coaster  All 3 for $5

SAN MARTIN WINERY POST CARDS: Lot of 3 different post cards, Ex/M, Late-1960s, size 3.5 x 5.5 inches, color, unused, includes shots of the Old Wine Cellar and Tasting Bar in the San Martin Vineyards Tasting Room, also a post card of the California Wine Tasting Room in Fresno, California. Nice vintage winery collectibles. See all cards  All 3 for $6

SAPPORO BREWING CHRISTMAS POST CARD: Promotional Post Card, NM, circa-1996, size 4.25 x 6 inches, Christmas trees and snow "Season's greetings from Sapporo" beer theme on front, B&W back, Go Card promo from Tower Records. Card back has some promotional text for Sapporo brewing. See card  $1.50

SCHLITZ BREWERY TAMPA POST CARD: Ex/M: slight black smudge on face, 1959, size 3.5 x 5.5 inches, color, unused, exterior shot of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company beer plant in Tampa, Florida. See card  $4.50

SCHLITZ MALT LIQUOR BADGE: Blue plastic badge with the Bull logo, circa-1987 promo, NM/Like New, 2.5 x 1.75 inches oval. See badge  $5

SEAGRAM'S 7 AND 7-UP STORE DISPLAY ITEM: 7 and 7 stuffed cloth store display items, issued circa-1978, Seagram's 7 bottle (14 inches tall) and 7-Up can (7 inches tall) with arms and legs, the arms have Velcro that allow the dolls to stick to each other, Almost like new condition except the 7-Up can has a minor abrasion on the top. Display only, never played with, stored in a smoke and pet free environment. See display items  $50

SEA WORLD GLASS BEER MUG: 1987-88, NM/Like new, no chips or cracks, no flaws in the images, approximately 5 1/8 inches tall, Heavy glass mug - weighs over a pound, black and gold screened images of dolphins and Shamu around the center, "Sea World" on both sides of the mug, chain link design around the entire image. "U.S.A." and an anchor hallmark are on the glass bottom. Long out of production. See mug  $10

SHO CHIKU BAI SUPERBIRD SATELLITE SAKE BOX: As Issued, very minor surface nicks, "Made in Japan" sticker still on the bottom, 1989, Hinoki wood sake box (masu), 3.25 inches square, from the Superbird-A launch party, Superbird central image design and logo in black on one side (along with the old Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation logo), Sho Chiku Bai Sake in red on another side, and some Japanese characters in sepia on a third side. Quite rare. See sake box  $18

STROH'S BEER BUTTON: "Hello California – From One Beer Lover To Another" yellow button with red lettering, circa-1987 promo issued during a push to get Stroh’s into the west coast market, NM/Like New, 3 inches round. See button  $5



TANQUERAY GIN COLLECTORS CANISTER: 1980, Very Good condition with a few minor surface scratches in the images, no major (or even minor) dents in the metal but there are a few pinpoint sized indentations visible from the inside, approximately 12.25 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter, manufactured to hold a 1.75 litre bottle, made by Barringer, Wallis and Manners in Nottinghamshire, England (raised hallmark on bottom of tin). Long out of production collectible that marked the 150th Anniversary of Tanqueray Gin. The front image is a period drawing entitled "Coaching To The Club For Tanqueray 1830" and the back reads "1830-1980 In Celebration of the 150th Anniversary Tanqueray Gin, Charles Tanqueray & Co. LTD. London." Nice bar decoration. See front and back  $25



WENTE CELLAR TO CELLAR 1989 10K CLASSIC T-SHIRT: Like New/Unused, still in the original fold, 1989, HEF-T Made in the USA by Tee Jays, Size Adult Medium, 50% Cotton/50% Kodel Polyester, White T-Shirt with color screened on design, Wente Brothers Winery annual 10K run took you from their still wine cellar to their sparkling wine cellar (hence the name) in Livermore, California. Nice design with the winery logo and only one small unobtrusive sponsor logo for KKIQ FM 101.7 radio. Great for old runners or vino connoisseurs. Shock your wine lover friends with a brand new t-shirt from over 25 years ago! As with any new cloth promo, there may (or may not) be minor manufacturing imperfections present. Always stored in a smoke and pet free environment.  See shirt  $35


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