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Comic Book Related & Fantasy Artwork Books for sale are listed in alphabetical order by title. Almost all are Out of Print (O/P) editions. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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ARIEL, THE BOOK OF FANTASY VOLUME 2 edited by Thomas Durwood. Softback, As New, December 1977, Second Printing, Ballantine Books, ISBN: 0-345-27319-2, size approximately 9 x 12 inches, 80 pages, O/P. Beautiful oversized volume with color and B&W artwork by Frank Frazetta, Richard Corben, Jeff Jones, Bruce Jones, Michael Hague, and others. Stories by Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Michael Moorcock, Ursula Le Guin, Edgar Allan Poe, and others. Part 2 of a Frank Frazetta interview with photos. Contains gorgeous paintings and illustrations, some nudes, for mature readers. See cover  $30



CLODS' LETTERS TO MAD Compiled by Jerry DeFuccio and illustrated by Al Jaffee. Softback, FN, December 1974, First Printing, Warner Books 76055, SBN: 0-446-76055-2, size 5.25 x 8 inches, 96 pages, O/P. Typical MAD humor from the "usual gang of idiots," with Alfred E. Neuman drawn in many spot illustrations. Oversized, not like the regular Signet paperback series. See cover  $20


COLLECTING NOSTALGIA by John Mebane. Paperback, FN-, Published 1966, 1972 First Paperback Edition, Popular Library, SBN: 445-03008-150, 368 pages, O/P. Loaded with B&W photos and illustrations. While the pages are beginning to tan, hence the FN- grade, the integrity of the book is "As New" - even the original Kent Cigarette ad is still intact! Claims to be the first guide to antiques of the 1930s and 1940s. Another well researched volume with outdated values. This book is a good read and more of a history of the period than your standard price guide. Some of the many sections include Comic Books, Mickey Mouse/Disney, Coca-Cola, Toys, Games, Ceramics, Glassware, War Items, Home Furnishings, Automobiles, Books, Smoking, Fine Art, and much more! See cover  $12


COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE - See The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide below


CRIME AND PUZZLEMENT by Lawrence Treat and illustrated by Leslie Cabarga. Softback, FN, First Published 1981, December 1985, Fourth Printing, David R. Godine Publisher, ISBN: 0-87923-405-9, size 6.75 x 8.5 inches, 80 pages, O/P edition. The story copyrights stretch back over 70 years, but the entertainment is timeless in this "you solve the crime" book. Cabarga has drawn all the interior "crime scene" puzzle illustrations and the cover artwork. If you are a fan of Leslie's underground and ground level comics work, then you will definitely want this book for your collection. Includes the original publisher's business reply card. See cover  $7


CURIOS AND COLLECTIBLES - A PRICE GUIDE TO THE NEW ANTIQUES edited by Ralph DeVincenzo. Paperback, FN-, 1971, Dafran House, 192 pages plus 16 pages of color photographs, O/P. Loaded with B&W photos and illustrations. Nicely researched, this book features sections on unusual collectibles, along with the more common. Outdated values, but great history. Sections include Comic Books, Cartoon & Radio Characters, Avon Bottles, Banks, British & US Medals, Buttons, Coca-Cola Bottles, Watches, Enamelware, Fruit Jars, Heisey Glass, Insulators, Ku Klux Klan, Lighter Than Air/Zeppelins, Matchbox Cars, Model Ships, Money, Paper Dolls, Pocket Knives, Rookwood, Scrimshaw, Slavery Items, Steam Engines, Tables, Toys, and more! Note: This book was published without a cover price! So, a sticker price was added, which you can see in the cover scan. See cover  $16


CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF by Stephen King with illustrations by Berni Wrightson. Softback, As New, April 1985, First Signet Printing, ISBN: 0-451-82111-4, size 6 x 9 inches, 128 pages, O/P edition. Front cover title and image is embossed, not printed flat like later editions. Filled with gorgeous color paintings and B&W drawings by Wrightson that enhance King's year of horror for a victim of lycanthropy. See cover  $15



FAX TO DA MAX by Jerry Hopkins, Douglas Simonson, Ken Sakata, and Pat Sasaki; Illustrated by Douglas Simonson (Peppo). Softback, As New, 1985, unstated edition, Bess Press, ISBN: 0-935848-35-5, size approximately 7.5 x 9.25 inches, 144 pages, O/P edition. Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Hawaii, complete with funny cartoons and in the Hawaiian Pidgin language. Topics covered include food, money, business, entertainment, weather, geography, tattoos, marriage, churches, drug use, you name it! This book will keep you laughing and entertained for days, or maybe not, maybe you lolo. Infinity cover! See cover  $10


THE FRANK FRAZETTA PORTFOLIO - See this on Comic Book Magazines



GREAT MOMENTS IN BABY HISTORY by Peter Mayle and Arthur Robins. Softback/Spiral Bound, As New-, 1980, First Collier Books Edition, Collier Books, size 9 x 11 inches, ISBN: 0-02-077370-6, 50 pages, O/P. Hysterical photo album intended for new parents to use capturing their baby's memorable early moments. Places on each page to attach photos and make notations, as your child takes their first bath, utters their first word, gets their first tooth-dog-cat-baby sitter, etc. Full color cartoons throughout by Arthur Robins are fun to look at, even if you don't have a baby! Printed on heavy stock. See cover  $20



AN INFORMAL HISTORY OF THE PULP MAGAZINE by Ron Goulart. Paperback, FN-, Published 1972, September 1973, First Ace Printing, Ace Books, SBN: 441-37070-125, 192 pages, O/P. The original title was "Cheap Thrills." Goulart presents an overview of pulp novels from roughly the 1920s to 1940s. The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Lone Ranger, Tarzan, and a host of other titles are explored. Contains 16 pages of B&W pulp cover reproductions and interior illustrations. See cover  $14



LARRY GORE'S THING by Larry Gore. Paperback, VG+, April 1970, 1st Printing, Avon Books S414, SBN: 380-00414-060, 144 pages, O/P. Outrageous humor by Larry Gore with many Bob Clarke illustrations throughout the book, loaded with sixties topical humor, you'll find images from "The Flying Nun" to "The Planet of the Apes," pictures of celebs from Dean Martin to Brigitte Bardot, The Marx Brothers to The Beatles. Anything goes in the wacky volume. Anthony Quinn "Hunchback of Notre Dame" cover. See cover  $25


LOVE AND DEATH by Gershon Legman. Softback, FN, First published in 1949, this is the 1963, Second Printing, Hacker Art Books, size 6 x 9 inches, 96 pages, O/P edition. Print run of only 5,000 copies! The "Not For Children" section attacks comic books and was the predecessor to Seduction of the Innocent. Includes a brief bibliography of Crime comics from 1937-47. Murder, misogyny and drugs are also sections in this classic work. A must have item for any comic book historian! Please note that the faded letters on the cover are part of the graphic design of the book and are definitely not cover wear! See cover  $40


LYCANTHROPES by Geoff Pass. Softback, As New-, 1991, Unstated Edition/Printing, Mayfair Games, ISBN: 0-923763-30-9, size 8 5/8 x 11 inches, 128 pages, O/P. Illustrated sourcebook with 2 detailed scenarios for gaming with werewolves (or humans, if you prefer). One scenario is based on a true English mystery. The history of werewolves in folklore is also featured. Front cover painting by Joe DeVelasco and interior artwork by Ken Meyer and Ike Scott. Original Mayfair order card still inside! See cover  $16



MACROSS (SELECT ULTRA CARD MACROSS) from the THIS IS ANIMATION series. Book: As New with a manufactured curvature, Book Sleeve: As New- with 1/2 inch back cover corner depression, Book Slipcase: VG+ due to lower left corner back cover ding, August 1983, Shogakukan, Printed in Japan, ISBN 4-09-295001-2, roughly 4.25 x 5.75 inches in size, O/P. From Studio Nue's anime series, this is a color, animation cel reproduction post card book. On the back of each of the 64 color, slick stock, images is a B&W scene or two with text all in Japanese. The post card stock images are bound at one side. These bound cards are wrapped by a heavy paper sleeve and then fit into a cardboard slipcase. Also included is the original paper bookmark and a 3 sticker sheet with the Macross logos and "Gerwalk." If you are a fan of the anime series or Japanimation, this rare import is a must have collectible. See slipcase cover, sleeve and sample post card  $40


MARVEL COMICS POSTCARD BOOK Softback, As New-, 1978, Unstated Edition/Printing, Nostalgia Inc., ISBN 0-517-535580, size roughly 8.75 x 11 inches, O/P. 32 detachable post cards (4 full size post cards per page) with artwork by Jack Kirby, John Romita, Gil Kane, Frank Brunner, John & Sal Buscema, and others. Cover art by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. Most major Marvel characters featured including Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Avengers, The X-Men, Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and more! Note: This is the First Edition; a later edition was published by Random House Value Publishing. See cover  $40


MASQUERADE written and illustrated by Kit Williams. Hardcover with Dust Jacket, As New, 1979, First American Edition, November 1980, Second Printing, Schocken Books, ISBN: 0-8052-3747-X, size approximately 8.75 x 11.25 inches, 36 pages including endpapers, O/P edition. The book that started a treasure hunt phenomenon. This beautifully painted fantasy story held the clues to an actual buried treasure. Unfortunately, the real world story of the quest for the gold hare ended in scandal. Included with this book is an article by Israel Shenker about the winner, who later turned out to be a fraud. See cover  $20



OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE FANTASTICS by Michael Resnick. Softback, FN-, 1976, House of Collectibles, size 5 x 7 inches, 216 pages, O/P. The prices are outdated, but this is still an excellent color and B&W illustrated reference work for Science Fiction & Fantasy collectibles. Includes sections on pulps, digests, books, magazines, fanzines, radio premiums, original artwork, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cover reproductions and artwork by Frank Frazetta, Kelly Freas, Frank Paul, Roy Krenkel, Virgil Finlay, J. Allen St. John, and others!  See cover  $10


THE OFFICIAL UNDERGROUND AND NEWAVE COMIX PRICE GUIDE by Jay Kennedy. Softback, As New, Summer 1982, First Edition, Boatner Norton Press, ISBN: 0-9606654-3-9, size approximately 5.5 x 8.25 inches, 304 pages including a 16 page color section, O/P. While the guide prices are out of date, this is still the definitive research work on underground (and ground level) comix from their beginnings to 1982. Just over 300 pages, profusely illustrated with B&W cover shots and 16 pages of color classic cover reproductions, also a nice selection of artist photos. For mature readers. Articles by industry founders Don Donahue, Ron Turner, Denis Kitchen, Gary Arlington, and artists Jay Lynch and S. Clay Wilson. Cover artwork by Bill Griffith. Not much more to say except this book looks like you just reached for it off the shelf back in 1982. See cover  $80


THE OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK GRADING GUIDE by Robert M. Overstreet and Gary Carter. Softback, FN, May 1992, First Edition, First Avon Books Trade Printing, The Confident Collector/Avon, ISBN: 0-380-76910-7, size 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 inches, 304 pages, includes The Owl Card missing from many copies, O/P edition. Detailed guide to grading comic books, profusely illustrated in B&W with a 16 page color section. Introduces the 100 point grading system and the 10 point whiteness scale. Critical tool for all comic book and magazine collectors. Green banner version. See cover  $20


All are Softback editions except #22 is a Hardcover. All O/P, size 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 inches, heavily illustrated with hundreds of cover reproductions, color sections in all except #3. Each volume contains a wealth of comic book history, with the later volumes containing a number of feature articles. (Please review book grading definitions, if you are only familiar with Overstreet's comic book grading. A VG or FN Book is comparatively in better condition that a VG or FN Comic Book).

VOLUME #1 SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S REPRODUCTION White Cover, NM, July 1993, 28 pages, Overstreet's GiveAway Gimmick #2 from the Comic Book Monthly that reproduces a portion of the first Comic Book Price Guide published in 1970. Fun reference work. See cover  $9

VOLUME #3 Christmas Comic Book Collage Cover, VG+, 1973, 404 pages, the sparse early days of the guide are represented here. Mint prices for: Action #1 - $1,000, Detective #27 - $850, Marvel Comics #1 - $700, and Daredevil #1 or X-Men #1 for $8 each. Ah, the good ol' days! See cover  $225

VOLUME #6 The Spirit cover by Will Eisner. VG+, 1976. Features a chronology of the American comic book, Will Eisner interview by Jerry DeFuccio, Good Girl Art article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), Tom Mix Comics radio premiums, market reports, and much more. See cover  $55

VOLUME #7 Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny cover by Carl Barks. VG+, 1977, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-529475. Features a chronology of the American comic book, Carl Barks article with color galleries of Barks' Scrooge oil paintings and classic comic book covers, collecting Esoteric Comics, the "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), Tom Mix Comics radio premiums, market reports, and much more. See cover  $75

VOLUME #8 Torchy / Good Girl Art cover by Bill Ward. VG+, 1978, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-533456. Features a chronology of the American comic book, Good Girl Art color cover gallery, Tarpe Mills by Trina Robbins, Jay Disbrow autobiography, The Man Behind Torchy by Bill Ward, Women in comics article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $70

VOLUME #9 E.C. Science Fiction cover by Wally Wood. FN, 1979, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-53696X. Features a chronology of the American comic book, E.C. article with color cover gallery, Seduction of the Innocent article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $85

VOLUME #9 E.C. Science Fiction cover by Wally Wood. VG, 1979, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-53696X. Features a chronology of the American comic book, E.C. article with color cover gallery, Seduction of the Innocent article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more.  $40

VOLUME #10 Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner Timely Heroes cover by Alex Schomburg. FN-, 1980, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-540215. Features a chronology of the American comic book, history of Timely Comics with a color cover gallery, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $85

Horror Comics cover by L.B. Cole. FN+ with 5/8 inch faint remainder mark on bottom edge, 1981, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-542684. Features a chronology of the American comic book, L.B. Cole article with color cover gallery, 3-D Comic Books article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $55

Alfred E. Newman / MAD cover by Norman Mingo. FN-, 1982, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-543494. Features a chronology of the American comic book, Norman Mingo and Alfred E. Newman by Jerry DeFuccio, The Pop Hollinger story, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $50

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman DC Infinity cover by Don Newton and Joe Rubinstein. FN-, 1983, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-54916-6. Features a chronology of the American comic book, DC before Superman article with color cover reproductions of the earliest DC comics, Old Time Radio Premiums article with color reproductions of scarce rings and badges, reminiscences of DC editor Jack Schiff, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $50

Marvel Family cover by C.C. Beck. As New-, 1985, Harmony Books, ISBN: 0-517-55680-4, 624 pages plus 32 color pages. Features a chronology of the American comic book, article on Charles Clarence Beck and Fawcett Comics, Mr. Mind and The Monster Society of Evil by C.C. Beck, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $40

Justice League of America cover by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson. FN, 1990, House of Collectibles, ISBN:0-876-37820-3, 768 pages plus 40 color pages. Features a chronology of the American comic book, detailed chronology of the earliest Silver Age comics, Justice League of America article, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $22

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin cover by Mark Bagley and John Romita. Hardcover Edition, FN, 1992, Avon Books, size 5 5/8 x 8 5/8 inches, ISBN: 0-380-76912-3, 772 pages plus 40 color pages. Features a chronology of the American comic book, detailed history of Atlas Comics with color cover reprints, history of Spider-Man with a color cover gallery, "Understanding the Classics" (Classics Comics/Illustrated), market reports, and much more. See cover  $35

VOLUME #30 50th Anniversary of EC Comics cover by Al Williamson. As New, 2000, Harper Collins, ISBN: 0-06-095734-4, 960 pages. Features several articles on EC comics, Al Williamson, chronology of the American comic book with historic firsts noted, understanding Classics Illustrated comics, promotional comics, Platinum Age of Comics, Color Gallery of Rare Comic Book Covers, 2000 market report, and much more. See cover  $22



PIDGIN TO DA MAX HANA HOU by Douglas Simonson, Ken Sakata, Pat Sasaki, and Todd Kurosawa; Illustrated by Douglas Simonson (Peppo), Todd Kurosawa and Angie Acain. Softback, FN+, 1982, Unstated First Edition, Peppovision Inc., size 8 x 10.5 inches, 112 pages, O/P edition. A riotous "A to Z guide" with all-new words and B&W cartoons taking you on a trip through the Hawaiian Pidgin language. Original sequel to "Pidgin To Da Max," later editions are stated as such, smaller in size (shrunk to 7.5 x 9), or come through a different publisher (Bess Press). See cover  $25



THE SIMPSONS XMAS BOOK by Matt Groening and Mimi Pond. Hardcover, As New, 1990, First Edition, First Printing, Harper Perennial, ISBN: 0-06-096581-9, size 9.75 x 8.75 inches, 52 pages, O/P. Gorgeous full color adaptation of the December 17, 1989 first TV Christmas Special with all the dialog reproduced, images taken directly from the animation cels. Full cast and crew credits listed at the end. Read the origin of Santa's Little Helper $12.95 cover price. (2 copies available) See cover  $9


THE STERANKO HISTORY OF COMICS VOLUME ONE by Jim Steranko. Softback, saddle stitched, magazine grade VG/F+, interior pages all still white, 1970, unstated First Edition, Blue title and price on cover version, Supergraphics, oversized 10.5 x 14 inch publication, 84 pages, O/P. Jim traces the earliest history of the comic book, beginning with the comic strip influence, moving into the Pulps, then landing on the Golden Age of Comics with Superman, Batman, Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, and the supporting characters at Timely and DC. B&W illustrations appear throughout including rare original artwork and cover reproductions. Only two volumes were ever published in this proposed six volume series, but both have stood the test of time for their wealth of information and artistic content. Gorgeous color wraparound cover artwork by Steranko. Introduction by Federico Fellini. See cover  $40



TALES FROM THE CRYPT by Jack Oleck. Paperback, VG-, 1972, Fourth Printing, Bantam S7439, SBN: 553-07439-075, 128 pages, O/P. Novelization of the classic E.C. stories used in the 1972 film, adapted from the screenplay by Milton Subotsky, based on stories by Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein. Film poster skull image on the front cover and four color scenes from the film on the back cover. See cover  $10



YUSHA RAIDEEN and GO!! GO!! RAIDEEN (TV Hero Series Books 3 and 4). Hardcovers, As New- and FN- (respectively), no date listed but I've seen these in publications from 1979, Froebel-Kan Co. Ltd, Rare Japanese Import Editions, size approximately 7.25 x 10.5 inches, O/P. Two all-color, animation cel reproduction books printed on 12 pages of heavy board. For Anime fans. These contain both English and Japanese lyrics to the songs in the Toho Films series, as well as the sheet music! Sold as a set. See both covers  Both for $18


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