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X-MEN (1963)
- #142 and up are UNCANNY X-MEN

Numbers Condition Content Notes Price
15 VG+ Origin of The Beast, Jack Kirby cover and layouts. See covers $65
16 VG+ Jack Kirby cover and layouts. See covers $39
17 Fr Spine heavily taped; Magneto appears, Jack Kirby cover and layouts $3.90
Also see: X-Men #19 in Spanish on the Foreign Comics page
20 VG+ Origin of Lucifer. See covers $39
21 Pr Centerfold missing, taped spine $1
27 VG- Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four cameos, The Mimic appears. $17
Also see: X-Men #42 in UK editions of Mighty World of Marvel on the Foreign Comics page
55 G Store name stamped on top back cover; Barry Smith cover art, Origin of the Angel back-up story. $7
62 Fr Front cover 7 inch tear and taped; 1st Printing, Neal Adams artwork and cover art, Ka-Zar guests. $2.75
67 See Notes F/VF with a 1/2 inch back cover tear and 3/4 inch bottom edge crimp, Priced as VG; reprints X-Men #12 - 13, 48 pages, Jack Kirby layouts and Alex Toth artwork. See covers $18
71 NM- issue with staples off-fold Priced as VF/NM; Reprints X-Men #20 with the Origin of Lucifer, Last 15 issue. See covers $96
95 VG/F Death of Thunderbird. See covers $24.40
97 VG/F First appearance of Lilandra and Eric the Red $16.25
103 VF/NM First time Wolverine called Logan. See covers $82.80
105 NM- Firelord appears. See covers $125
Also see: X-Men #107 - 109 in French on the Foreign Comics page
150 NM+ Magneto appears, double size issue. 30% off Guide Value. $15.65
186 NM+ Barry Smith artwork, double size issue. 30% off Guide Value. $9.80
198 NM+ Barry Smith artwork. Over 30% off Guide Value. $8.80
205 NM/M Wolverine solo, Origin of Lady Deathstrike, Barry Smith art. 30% off Guide Value. $15.65
Special 1 See Notes VF- copy with faint color lifts in logo and corresponding area on back cover, priced as discounted F/VF; Reprints from X-Men #9 and #11 with Jack Kirby artwork. See covers $36
Special 2 VF/NM- Reprints from X-Men #22 - 23. See covers $82
Annual 7 NM/M Impossible Man appears. 30% off Guide Value. $7.85
Annual 15 NM+ Wolverine solo, New Mutants guest, Origin retold (3 copies available) 30% off Guide Value. $4.90
Giant-Size 2 F/VF 64 pages; Reprints from X-Men #57 - 59 with Neal Adams artwork, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch appear. See covers $30

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X-MEN MINI-COMICS with VHS TAPES and CARDS: MIP, Still sealed/shrink wrapped - never opened Pizza Hut Promos, 1993, Saban Entertainment-Marvel Comics, Set of 2 Hi-Fi Stereo X-Men Video Tapes, running time for each tape is approximately 50 minutes. Creators' Choice #1 "Night of the Sentinels" is the two-part pilot episode of the TV series that first aired on 10/31 and 11/7/1992. Creators' Choice #2 contains "Enter Magneto" and "Deadly Reunions," which are episodes 3 and 4, first airing 11/27/1992 and 1/23/1993. On each tape is a five minute round table discussion with Stan Lee, Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, and Bob Harris. Included with each tape is a Pizza Hut Promotional X-Men Mini-Comic with art by Alex Saviuk, Greg Adams, Ron Lim, and Bill Anderson, plus a Collectors Card. For most collectors, the mini-comics and cards are the focus here with the cartoons as a bonus. I place no warranties on the tapes, but they are unused and factory sealed. (Images are available from either the listing on the Fast Food Toys And Promos or the DVDs, VHS Tapes and 16mm Film pages) Both for $12



Numbers Content Notes Price
1 - 4 Complete Mini-Series; All NM-NM/M, Jackson "Butch" Guice artwork and cover art. Sold as a 4 issue set. Guide Value is $26+ $18
1, 2 NM/M; Jackson "Butch" Guice artwork and cover art $6@

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Number Condition Content Notes Price
60 NM Reprints X-Men #156 (2 copies available). 50% off Guide Value. $1.80
Also see: Classic X-Men #14 - 16 in French on the Foreign Comics page


Purchasing Help is on the How To Order page.