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Here are the newly posted listings on this Web site. They are listed by date added, then in alphabetical order. To see images when available, visit the respective pages where the items are posted and you'll find them with their NEW! bullets. After about a month on this page, the item will be dropped as a "New Listing." Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.



RICOHFLEX HOLIDAY CAMERA: Vintage 1956 camera, Serial No. 574673, 6x6 (120 size film) Twin Lens Reflex (TLR), Anastigmat 1:3.5/8 cm (f3.5/80mm) lens, film take-up spool in place, includes original Riken lens cap and the original plastic strap is still attached. There is no cosmetic damage with minimal corner rub wear on the back edge corners, so the body is in excellent condition. The shutter activates and ASA/film winding knob turns normally. The geared synchronous focusing lens will not freely spin, so it will require maintenance or repair. Everything else appears to be functioning normally, but without running a roll of film through it, I can't say for sure. Worst case scenario is it will make a great parts source, as this has been sitting in a cabinet drawer since the 1960s. - on the Miscellaneous Collectibles page



1969 TOPPS FOOTBALL 4-IN-1 MINI-CARD ALBUM INSERTS - 23 albums added! - on the 1969 Vintage Football Cards page



PLANET OF THE APES WRAPPER: 1975, Topps, Wax Pack Wrapper featuring an armed gorilla. All wrappers are in the original pack fold configuration, opened at the back but never completely unfolded. Two have the "Be Prepared for Bubble Gum Fun" ad and one has the "Lotsa Friends Means Lots Bazooka" ad variation. The "Lotsa" wrapper has a minor bit of back flap surface wear. Wrappers show a 1967 copyright date that reflect the first film's copyright. (3 available) - on the Non-Sport Trading Cards: P page



1968 - 1971 TOPPS FOOTBALL CARDS - Semi-stars and RCs added to these four years - begin on the 1968 Vintage Football Cards page



1968-69 TOPPS HOCKEY CARDS - over 70 cards added - on the Hockey Cards page


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